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Organizing an international move with a pet can be a stressful and complex task. At Amoov we know that your pet is an integral part of your family and that’s why we are happy to help you with your move and your pet.

We want you and your family to have the most enjoyable move possible, that’s why our team aims to save your time and energy by taking care of your pet during this process and ensuring safety and comfort in a door-to-door move.







We love animals

We can help you during the various stages of a pet move and follow each step of this process: from registration, medical examination, vaccination, quarantine, to final registration in the country of arrival.

With our network of competent professionals and the care dedicated to each animal you can be reassured: your pets will be pampered throughout the move.








Steps to follow

We would like you to know the steps involved in an international move with pets:

  • Make sure your pet is in good health for transportation
  • Select your travel option
  • Vaccination and microchip

All the necessary documents:

  • Travel Health Checks
  • Check out and airport
  • Quarantine and arrival checks