The story behind Cherry Blossom


In Japanese,  Sakura relates to cherry-trees and its flowers. Among them, the most famous is the “somei yoshino”, which is white, with a slightly pinkish tint. 

The cherry blossom is of prime importance in Japanese culture, hence, thousands of tourists and locals admire this spectacle each year. Contemplating the cherry blossom is so common that it even bears the name of “桜お花見 sakura ohanami. This phenomenon is so important in Japan that there are some websites enabling to see in live the blossoming percentage of the Sakura trees.

Where does this enthusiasm towards cherry-trees come from? Originally, this interest in contemplating the cherry-trees’ flowers goes back to an old custom: the farmers planting rice used to place offerings at the feet of Sakura trees, praying for good harvests and a good year.

Sakura’s flower is not just pretty and made to be contemplated. Indeed, many brands use it as their flagship product during spring season. Among these products, we can encounter Mochis, ice-creams, beers, sodas, all flavored with cherry-trees’ flowers.

There are hundreds of places where to admire the Sakura cherry blossoms. From city to countryside or mountainous regions, the cherry-trees blossom according to the weather and the more or less tropical climate. To avoid any disappointment, it is then important to consult a blossom schedule.


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