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Frequently asked questions

An upcoming move will certainly arise many questions at your end. Please find already below a comprehensive list by topics of Frequently Asked Questions answered by our AMOOV moving specialists.

Can I pack some personal belongings by myself ?
Yes, you can pack some personal belongings by yourself, if you wish so! We will then provide you some packing materials in advance in order to do so.

Can I pack the high value items by myself ?
We do not recommend you to do so. Our packers are highly skilled, let them handled your fragile belongings. In case of damage on self-packed boxes, you will not be reimbursed.

Should I label my home & / or belongings ?
Yes! It will improve the packing references and will make the settling at destination easier. We will provide you adequate labels and help you with the labelling.

How can I notify you which object is fragile or not, and which item will stay or not ?
We will provide sticker’s sets prior to the move. We will stick them on your belongings and boxes according to what is written.

If I’m shipping my car, can I pack household goods in it ?
No, customs regulations prohibit it. The only items that can remain in the car are ones directly related to driving & driving safety (e.g. warning triangle, first aid kit).

Will you do all of the packing and unpacking ?
Sure, if you want us to. If you choose, you can pack some or all of your goods by yourself. Disassembling and packing by yourself is relatively cheaper, but we strongly recommend the ‘full export pack’ option. With this selection, you’ll have increased insurance cover and greater physical protection for your furniture.

Will my shipment be opened on the way ?
Not in case of domestic or local moves. For international moves, sole-use containers will be delivered to your home unopened. However, in some countries (e.g. Australia, Mexico, China, Brazil, etc.), all/ or high percentage of personal effects shipment are unloaded for quarantine and/or customs inspection. Customs officials have the right to inspect any shipment (except for diplomats) in any countries.

When should I begin contacting moving companies for estimates ?
During peak season (June July, December), we recommend to contact us Four to Six months prior to the move date. Outside peak season, we recommend 2 to 3 months beforehand.

Can I pack and move my plants ?
Yes, for local and domestic moves (without storage in the middle). For international moves, sadly, we will not take your plants. The stress and heat (or cold) inside a container is too much. On the top, many countries do not allow the entry of plants.

Will you pack the items inside my drawers/desks ?
In most of the cases, all loose items will be packed in boxes to prevent any loss or damages to your belongings or furniture.

What if the final packed volume is different from the estimate ?
Usually, the final packed volume should be in line with our estimates at volume survey. If the final pack volume is under the estimate, we will refund the difference, if above we will charge the difference (max. 10% increase).

How much are the customs fees ?
These will vary according to the destination. We will advise on associated costs within our quotation. Taxes and duties can eventually apply depending on your legal/visa status, or country of destination (for international moves).

How is my moving cost determined ?
The costs in your moving proposal will vary and be calculated to numerous factors! Volume, weight, destination, eventually airfreight and seafreight cost for international moves.

How long your quotation is valid ?
The validity of our quotation is usually 30 days, unless specified otherwise.

Should I insure my belongings ?
Even if our packers are highly skilled and our packing material among the best possible, damages can happen! During transportation, customs for example, or even if a box is accidentally dropped. That is why we strongly recommend you to insure all your belongings.

What is the difference between lump-sum and Items by Items list ?
A lump sum insurance policy will consist in providing an average value per cubic meter to your belongings. For small shipments we recommend an itemized list.

Can I take a third-party insurance ?
This is not possible with our company. It is preferable you use our insurance program, it will make the reimbursement process easier, if by misfortune it is necessary to process a claim.

Can I insure my Jewelries ?
Yes, you can but if you do, you will have to notify them very carefully to us. This beling said, we would recommend you to carry your Jewelries with you.

What’s happen if the boat sink, or the warehouse burn ?
These are extremely rare cases, even if we often get the question. But in case it would happen, you will be covered by AMOOV’ insurance.