DIY & Cleaning

We Make Your life Easier

Amoov can also offer services that will make your life easier thanks to our network of 170 countries.

We take care of hanging pictures or removing them without damaging your real estate, building and undoing your furniture, and cleaning your house after the move. 

All these small details can save you a lot of time, while respecting your business and the time limit for moving.

diy service

There is no one more skilled than a handyman Amoov. They are trained, equipped and available on an hourly, daily or per item basis.

We can:

  • Hanging pictures
  • Shelves
  • Assemble the furniture
  • Install appliances and lights
  • Perform repair services for minor repairs

Maintenance department

Our staff is competent and available to serve you according to your request. We can provide different services before your moves such as:

  • Clean your house and your accessories
  • Wash and clean your furniture

We know that during a move, you are concerned about many tasks which is a source of stress. Amoov wants to free you from this stress and that is why we offer our maintenance and DIY services to clean your home and your furniture, but also to do all the necessary DIY in your home. housing. So you can focus on what you want and soothe your mind.

Move with peace of mind thanks to our teams!