AMOOV's Packing Standards

It all starts with packing
90% of damages can be avoided if the packing is done in the highest standards. That makes it the most important day of your international or domestic move.
Taking this into account, our ISO 9001 packing processes cover 3 key elements to make sure that days goes smoothly:  packing materials, our crews and our packing craft. 

Starting with the latter, our crews know how to care of your precious or fragile belongings. Our craft is based on 4 pillars: training & processes, packing export technique, fragile belongings packing & handling.

Our AMOOV crews


They are our pride and take pride in what they do. Our teams not only know their craft.  Our AMOOVers goal is truly to make you simply happy. You can count on them to put a smile on your face at the end of the packing or unpacking day.

Further than that, they take an extra special care while carrying the load: did you know that your belongings are handled (loaded or unloaded) on average of 8 times during an international moves?

The Highest Quality of Packing Material

This is a part where we will never cut corners. At AMOOV we only want to use high quality packing materials.  No single layer boxes.
Our boxes are thick and made specifically for international shipping standards. Below you will find our range of high quality packing materials used on our moves. 

Small Box

Can be used for packing books, CD, magazines, canned food, kitchen wares and small heavy items.

Dimension: 35x35x50cm Size: 2 cft / 0.06 cbm

Medium Box

Can be used for packing chinaware, toys, pans, electrical items, small appliances.

Dimension: 50x50x50cm  Size4 cft / 0.13 cbm

Large Box

Can be used for large, light weight items like linen, folded clothes, soft toys, pillows.  We never overpack large boxes with heavy items to avoid handling difficulties. 

Dimension: 50x50x60cm   Size5 cft / 0.15 cbm

Standing Wardrobe Box

Can be used for clothes preferably not to be folded (dresses, suits, silk material, etc).  It comes with an hanging bar.  

Size0.25 cbm / 8.9 cft

Flat Wardrobe Box / Sleeping Box

Can be used for folded articles and clothing items that does not need to be hanged.

Dimension90x54x22cm Size4cft / 0.11 cbm

Container for Archive Boxes

Perfect for your archive boxes, binders and documents, it is practical with its folding lid and easy to carry with its 2 handles.   

Dimension52x35x26 cm

Box of 24 Glasses

Save time and avoid breakage by storing your glasses, cups and/or trinkets directly in the 24 cells, without wrapping them.


Box of 12 Bottles

Save time and avoid breakage by storing your bottles directly in the cells, without wrapping them.   

Dimension: 34x26x33 cm

Standard Carton Reinforced with Handles

In double thickness, in the same format as standard cardboard and even stronger for your fragile or heavy objects.

Dimension: 55x35x30cm

Optimal Boxes thickness for international moves

At AMOOV we commit to not use single layer boxes on our moves as they don’t provide enough protection. We also don’t use thin double layer boxes. Our double layer boxes are reinforced and are at least 0.6mm minimum in thickness)

Single Wall Corrugated Box

Made from a single layer of corrugated fluting, single wall cartons (also regularly known as cardboard boxes) are perfect for packing, storing and shipping light to medium weight objects.

Double Wall Corrugated Box

Double wall cardboard boxes and cartons are made from two strong layers of corrugated fluting.  They are perfect for packing, storing and shipping medium to heavy weight objects..

Triple Wall Corrugated Box

With its seven layers of Kraft paper, the triple corrugated cardboard box is the cardboard packaging that offers the best mechanical and climatic resistance. This type of American box is suitable for the transport and storage of heavy products, which can support up to 500 kg.

Packing Materials


Use to wrap breakables (glasses, plates) and other breakable items, before putting inside a box.

Bubble Wrap

Provide extra cushion to the items to prevent scratches.  Can be used to wrap breakables, frames, mirrors, decorative items, computer screen, vases, lamp bases etc.

Tissue Paper

Use to cover clothes to prevent dust and winkles.

Corrugated Rolls

Is a lightweight packaging material, provide padded protection against scratching.   Extremely flexible and can be used to pack a majority of household items such as wooden furniture.  Can also be used to mold around awkward shapes such as table legs. 

Moving Blankets (local or domestic moves only)

Or sometimes called Furniture Padding, are heavy-duty cloth coverings used to protect furniture, appliances and other large items when you move, made of a combination of cotton & polyester. Our blankets are designed to absorb shock and provide cushioning to whatever they are covering.

Packing Tapes

Commonly used for sealing boxes and packages for shipments.

Plastic Film

A practical item to keep well maintained shelves or doors to furnitures or bundle items together.

Packing Labels

An absolute must for easy packing/unpacking/sorting out.

Art Fragile & Valuable Section

Wooden Crates

Wooden transport boxes are plywood, completely closed and very resistant, thus offering maximum protection for your goods with a solid and reliable packaging.

Gassine Paper

A glossy, translucent paper, resistant to moisture, grease and air.  Use on top of fragile paintings for protection before bubble wraping, boxing and/or crating.

Packing Peanuts

Are small pieces of Styrofoam used to fill up space, provide cushioning, and help prevent shock in moving boxes. They can also be used as filler so objects don’t slide around and are great for use in between a second layer of boxes for extra protection.

Silica Gels

An absolute must at AMOOV and usually scattered abundantly in our boxes. It is a dessicant and keeps moisture away from your belongings. Contains drying agent in the form of small, clear beads or clear rock crystals place in small packets made of paper of cloth. 

Styrofoam Sheets

Use to line a box for packing a delicate items to avoid damage.

Cardboard Spacer

For reinforced furniture packing. We can also use it also for flat items reinforced packing (mirrors, paintings)

Kraft Paper Roll

We use it mainly for paintings, prior to using bubble wrap, carton boxes, and/or crating.

Cardboard Angle Iron

For painting and frames additional protection. It can also be used for screens, furnitures, etc.

Cardboard Corner Protector

For painting and frames additional protection. Can also be used on fragile furnitures or other item edges

Coin Protection Carton

These cardboard corner protectors will protect the 4 corners of your goods with fragile corners.

Cardboard for Pictures and Flat Screens

Ideal for easily packing and protecting your paintings, frames, mirrors, but also your flat screens (television or computer).