Fine Arts

We Value Your Things

The fine arts are one of the most valuable things that people care about during a move. It’s not just about money, but about feelings, memories or an inheritance to pass on to the younger generation in a family. At Amoov, we understand this and we are able to provide you with the packaging and storage you need for your artistic products, from painting to sculpture to calligraphy.

We offer two different services to answer your requests on works of art :

Moving your artwork

When we are confronted with the manipulation of expensive goods and / or high personal value, we are professionals who are all in our power to guarantee complete protection and avoid any damage to your property. These services include a very high quality of crating, transport and storage.

During the preparation of your move, we will take care of your special belongings, ensuring that on the day of the move, we have the proper materials to fully protect your artwork.

protection of your artworks

To protect special items, we pack with (but not limited to) non-absorbent special paper for paints, bubble wrap, polyester, reinforced paperboard and put them in a custom wooden crate.

We also offer transportation and storage for professional and commercial art dealers. With special insurance and cover plans, we can provide full coverage for any type of art piece.