Pets Relocation

We are Pet Friendly

Planning an international move with a pet can be stressful and time-consuming. At AMOOV we know that your pet is an entire member of the family and we are happy to help you move with your pet. 

These processes are technical but we want you and your family to have the most pleasant moving, so with our team we aim to save your time and energy by taking in charge your pet moving and give to him/her safety comfort in a door-to-door moving

because we love animals

We can provide you help during the different steps of moving a pet and follow up every step of this process. Indeed, from the first registrations step through medical examination, vaccination, quarantine and final registration in the country of arrival.

With our network of competent professionals and our dedicated support for each animal, you can be reassured that your pets will be pampered throughout the move.

steps to follow

We would like you to know the global steps for relocating your loved one:

  • Insure you that your pet is healthy for transportation
  • Select his travel option
  •  Vaccination and microchip
  •  All necessary documents
  • Travel health checks
  • Airport departure checks
  • Quarantine and arrival checks

After these steps, your beloved companion will join you at your new home to start a new life in the best conditions.